Grid Vacuum Clamping Table VACU-PLATE for Metalworking


VACU-PLATE vacuum table with raster surface is a precise tool for the vacuum mounting of pieces on working centres for metals.
It is perfect for milling and engraving elements which are small or sensitive to mechanical damage.
Pieces to be machined are positioned directly on the table and the usable mounting area is determined with a round sealing section by appropriately placing it in the raster inlet.

tekst alternatywny
Rastrowy stół próżniowy manulift VACU-PLATE podczas pomiarów kontrolnych

The use of a small-sized raster of 12.5 x 12.5 mm enables the best possible adaptation of the sucking surface to the shape of an element to be mounted as well as obtaining maximum mounting forces, and the use of a vacuum connection allows simultaneous machining of up to 4 pieces.
VACU-PLATE vacuum working table has been additionally equipped with foldable supports in case the vacuum mounting system proves to be insufficient (very small pieces made of hard materials).

VACU-PLATE vacuum working table is made of the hardest aluminium; with its „hard” anodized surface, it ensures the highest level of mounting precision on the market, reaching up to 0.01 mm.
It has a vacuum-female connection G1/2”, which makes it possible to connect a vacuum pump, a vacuum unit or a pneumatic ejector.

tekst alternatywny
Rastrowy stół próżniowy manulift VACU-PLATE podczas pracy

Standard sizes of our vacuum tables VACU-PLATE:

VACU-PLATE 300×400-4VA – 300 x 400 x 28 mm
Product price 984 Euro. Price does not include shipping costs.
VACU-PLATE 400×600-4VA – 400 x 600 x 28 mm
Product price 1428 Euro. Price does not include shipping costs.

Grid 12,5 x 12,5 mm
Slot 3,5 mm
4 clamping areas

Upon customers’ request we make tables having the above mentioned dimensions of the working area.
Moreover, with a VACU-PLATE working table we offer appropriate vacuum pumps and complete dedicated vacuum units.

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