Substitute sealings for all types of Vacuum Area Grippers


The application of replacement sealings for vacuum area grippers is frequently the only possibility of carrying out processes which involve gripping and transport of cargo with varied surface area.
However, the elasticity and compensation abilities are achieved at the cost of sealings’ durability, and the prices of these fast-wearing elements, not subject to guarantee, are considerable. Despite that, replacement sealings are more and more frequently used by customers, especially in palletizing processes.

For this reason, we have extended our production assortment with replacement sealings applied in vacuum area grippers.
The high-quality sealings we offer are made of a high-quality material from France.
Their composition, elasticity and tightness as well as resistance to wear have been specially selected with regard to the highest properties of usage with vacuum area grippers. The tests conducted in many plants in Poland confirm the excellent quality and durability of our sealings.
Our prices are much lower than those of sealings offered by other gripper manufacturers.

An additional advantage of our assortment is the possibility to deliver sealings for grippers produced by any manufacturer within a few working days from the receipt of drawings (or preparation of drawings with the customer). This is possible owing to the fact that we have our own raw materials’ warehouse. The preparation of drawings by our company extends the production cycle by another few days.

The dimensions of the offered sealings can be adjusted to any size of the Customer’s gripper.
We cut out contours in the sealings, make openings and grids on our own.

Characteristics of sealings offered:
– Maximum area: 1000 x 2000 mm
– Thickness: 10mm, 20 mm, 10+10 mm, 20+20 mm,
– „Sandwich” sealings: yes, with layers made of various materials (one side of the sealing is elastic, and the other side – resistant to wear).
– Sealings with a mesh filter: yes, with a mesh filter fixed between particular layers,
– Sealings with a crust which is a contact layer with the object.

Upon request, we also produce steel or aluminium plates on which we fix sealings, thereby obtaining a complete working side of the gripper.

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